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Dealer Resources Group Provides Coverage Throughout the U.S.


Now in our second decade, Dealer Resources Group was originally formed to provide RV Industry Suppliers with an effective, lower cost alternative to a direct factory sales force.  Owned and operated by Jim Stark, Bob Barber, and Garry Weaver, DRG's experienced sales personnel provide intense sales coverage at the dealer level throughout our now 48 State service area.

DRG provides many value added services to their dealer customers, all at no charge to the dealer.  These include complete store planning and merchandising assistance, low cost, pass-through pricing on both new and used store fixtures, product feature/benefit sales training for both parts store and unit sales personnel, service and installation training for dealer service technicians, and guest speakers to promote the RV lifestyle at dealer customer rallies and open houses.

Through these services and our exceptional call frequency, we have developed a "Consultative" sales approach with both our dealer and distributor customers.  In short, when your company is represented by Dealer Resources Group, your customers will be doing business with people they know and respect!


Within our 48 State territory, DRG works with, and/or on the behalf of, the area distributors and their sales personnel to generate pull-through sales at the dealer level.  Training is also an important part of our efforts at both the dealer and distributor levels.  Feature/benefit training sessions are conducted on a regular basis throughout the year for all our suppliers.  In addition, DRG provides sales coverage for their supplier principles, where applicable, at the O.E.M. level, and maintains a close working relationship with Camping World at both the store and headquarters levels.


Our joint venture with The Shepherd Company, which began in early 2010, provides our Vendor Partners with a Dealer/WD sales force of over 20 people, located strategically throughout the U.S.  The combination of our firms resulted in a sales force that is currently impossible to duplicate.  The market knowledge and relationships our people have with their dealer and distributor customers is a significant advantage for our Vendors.  This simple fact, along with our combined annual aftermarket sales volume of well over $70 Million at wholesale prices, assures our position as the leading rep firm in our industry, and allows our Vendor Partners to take advantage of our key partnership positions with our Dealer and Distributor customers.


DRG’s Partners


Jim Stark,  a founding partner of DRG, began his RV career with Valley Industries, a towing products company located in Lodi, California.  Jim left Valley to join Faulkner Mfg. Company as its Director of Marketing and, after four years with Faulkner, switched to the distribution side of the business by going to work for Mohawk Trailer Supply in Schenectady, NY.  When Mohawk was sold to The Coast Distribution System in 1990, Jim was transferred to Tampa and became V.P. and Gen. Mgr. of Coast's Tampa distribution center.  In 1994, Jim was promoted to Senior V.P. of Sales and moved to Coast's San Jose, California headquarters.  In 1999, Jim returned to the Tampa area and joined forces with David Jones to form DRG.


Contact Information:

Jim Stark, 2219 Hickory Ridge Drive, Valrico, Florida  33596

Phone:  (813) 956-6828  Fax:  (813) 685-3190  e-mail:


Garry Weaver, DRG's first sales associate, joined the company in 2000 after over 10 years sales experience with Stag/Parkway's Leesburg, Florida branch as an outside sales representative.  In 2002, Garry was promoted to General Manager of DRG's Texas Division and relocated to the Austin, Texas area.  In 2006, Garry's efforts on behalf of the firm were again rewarded when he was made a partner in DRG through our newly instituted Partnership Program.  He has worked closely with the area distributors and their sales people and has developed an excellent following with the RV dealers throughout the territory.  Garry is also an active member of the T.R.V.A. and has served as a member of the organizations Board of Directors.  He now serves DRG as V.P. and General Manager of our Texas Division.


Contact Information:

Garry Weaver, 2510 Silver Spur Lane, Leander, Texas  78641

Phone:  (512) 913-1253  Fax:  (512) 528-9776  e-mail:



Bob Barber accepted an offer to become DRG's Southeast Division General Manager in February, 2005.  Bob has many years of experience in the market he serves, as a distributor sales representative for Coast for over eight years, and with Arrow for the three years before joining DRG.  Prior to that, Bob also owned and operated a dealership in Clearwater, Florida and served as Parts Manager for several major RV Dealers, including Lazy Days.  With a strong history of success, and exceptional knowledge of all aspects of the business, Bob has been a great addition for our current and future vendors, and a highly valued member of the DRG Sales team.  In 2007, Bob's commitment to the firm was rewarded by becoming the second sales associate to be made a partner through DRG's Partnership Program.  In 2008, Bob was promoted to V.P. of Sales for DRG.


Contact Information:

Bob Barber, 7804 North 52nd Street, Tampa, Florida  33617

Phone:  (813) 760-0255  Fax:  (813) 984-8267  e-mail:



DRG’s Regional Sales Associates


Andy Mikesell became General Manager of DRG's Midwest Division in February of 2006 after several years as a Regional Sales Manager for Firestone's Industrial Products Division.  His "Key Account" experience with Firestone, and the fact that his new DRG territory included many of the accounts he had worked with for several years, allowed Andy to have an immediate positive impact on the sales in his new territory.  His work ethic, product knowledge, and previous "big company" training, have made Andy a key member of DRG's Sales and Management team.

Contact Information: 

Andy Mikesell, 10145 Wildwood Drive, Zionsville, Indiana  46077

Phone:  (813) 215-9926  Fax:  (317) 873-1048  e-mail:



Bill Eckhoff began his DRG career in January of 2007 after serving as a Regional Manager at Pulliam Industries for several years.  As Regional Sales Manager for our Midwest Division, Bill has proven himself to be a valuable asset for DRG, its customers, and supplier companies.  His prior industry experience and familiarity with the customers he serves, along with his product knowledge and sales abilities, have made Bill an important addition to the DRG Sales Team.

  Contact Information:

46572 250th Street, Colton, South Dakota  57018

Phone:  (605) 366-5222  Fax:  (605) 446-3747  e-mail:



George Yontosh agreed to join DRG in October of 2007 as a Regional Sales Manager for our Northeast Division, after successfully running his own Rep firm for over five years.  George's firm, which also served the RV Aftermarket, wasn't his first experience in the RV Industry.  Prior to starting his Rep company, George worked for StagParkway as a dealer sales representative for over eight years and served as the Parts Manager of a major dealership before that.  Working with the same dealers, W.D. sales people, and distributors he has worked with for over thirteen years, has allowed George to make an immediate impact for DRG and its Suppliers.  George's experience, product knowledge, and reputation in the Industry, allowed for an easy and positive transition to his new duties with DRG.

Contact Information:

George Yontosh, 8121 Olde Hill Court, Raleigh, North Carolina

Phone:  (919) 418-1927  Fax:  (919) 848-8597  e-mail:



J.D. Overstreet joined DRG in the fall of 2009 and was recently promoted to the position of Regional Sales Manager for our Central Midwest territory and moved to Hannibal, Missouri.  J.D. brings many years of experience to his new position and has worked in the parts departments of several large dealerships, has held sales positions with RV Parts Distribution companies, and owned and operated an RV Dealership in Clearwater, Florida.  His background and sales ability have allowed J.D. to provide an immediate positive impact  for our Vendor Partners.

  Contact Information:

J.D. Overstreet, 403 Rosewood, Hannibal, Missouri  63401

Phone:  (813) 600-0030  e-mail:



George Bilbo became a DRG sales associate in early 2010 and lives with his family in Columbia, Mississippi.  He has several years of industry experience, most recently as a dealer sales representative for Arrow Distributing, where he worked out of their branch in Louisiana.  He now covers the same territory for DRG that he previously covered for Arrow.  His long relationships with the dealers in his area have allowed him to easily make the transition to his new duties with DRG.  We’re very pleased that George decided to join us and are very confident that he will be an important part of our future growth.


 Contact Information:

George Bilbo, 37 Lakeshore Drive, Columbia, Mississippi  39429

Phone:  (601) 818-2633  e-mail:



John Howlan  is one of our newer sales associates, but with over 20 years experience as a rep in the RV Industry with The Shepherd Company, he is also one of our most experienced.  John, who previously lived in the Denver area, agreed to become the General Manager of our West Coast Division, and has relocated to Bend, Oregon.  While this was a new territory for him, his experience and prior knowledge of our product lines, since DRG and The Shepherd Company have many product lines in common, assured a fast start in his new responsibilities and he quickly became a highly valued member of the DRG sales team and a key asset for our Vendor Partners.


Contact Information:

John Howlan, 22970 Superior  Court, Bend, Oregon  97702

Phone:  (303) 883-9433  Fax:  (541) 383-9899  e-mail:



Mike Perry  joined the DRG Sales Team in July of 2013.   With many years of RV experience at both the Dealer and Distributor levels, Mike joined the DRG sales team as a knowledgeable RV Industry veteran.  He had excellent relationships with the Dealers in his territory since he had been working with them for several years as a sales representative for NTP in the same territory he now covers for DRG.  Working for NTP also provided him a great understanding of virtually all our Vendor’s product lines & programs, which allowed Mike to become a very important addition to the DRG Sales Staff from day one of joining the firm.



Contact Information:

Mike Perry, 6 Seneca Street, Rochester, NH 03867

Phone:  (603) 842-0184    e-mail:



Susan Russell  joined the DRG Sales Team in April of 2014.   With many years of RV experience as a territory sales representative for Stag/Parkway, Susan joined the DRG sales team as a knowledgeable RV Industry veteran.  She has long standing relationships with the Dealers in her territory, as Susan was the “go to” person for their business needs for the past several years.  With excellent knowledge of all the DRG product lines through her work with Stag, Susan has been able to easily transition to her new duties as a DRG Sales Manager for our Florida territory.


Contact Information:

Susan Russell, 4584 Fox Lake Ct., Clearwater, FL 33762

Phone:  (727) 458-2118    e-mail:

DRG Sales Personnel offer FREE, expert assistance to re-merchandise Dealer Stores.  We are able to plan and execute everything from a complete re-set of the entire store, re-sets of individual store sections, or the creation of attractive end cap displays that provide customer interest and increased sales for the Dealership. Contact your DRG Sales Representative for more information.


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